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Seller question

What is the cost of selling my vehicle on `Car Bidders Club`?

As Car Bidders Club our fee is AED 350 for the first-time sellers. Should you come back to us to auction your vehicle, we charge only AED 200 as welcome back appreciation. We will be charging the very same fee of AED 200 should you opt for `No Reserve` auction method even if you are first-time seller. No other fee is charged to sellers as in commission whether the vehicle is sold or not.

How do I submit my car for sale?

It is as easy as clicking on `Submit a Vehicle` which you can locate on the header. Once the request is received, one of our team members will be reaching out to ask you few simple questions which would give us a chance to evaluate your vehicle. Based on the answers and evaluation result, if we are able to list your vehicle an auction specialist will guide you through the necessary steps.

How much detail do you need about the history, appearance, and mechanical condition of my vehicle?

For an effective listing, the information needs to be accurate and as detailed as possible. We advise sharing complete description and history, even potentially the negative aspects of your vehicle.

Can I see and approve the listing details before the auction goes live?

As Car Bidders Club, we do not publish the listing without taking the approval/confirmation from the seller. When the content is sent over, it is then seller`s responsibility to analyze the content whether to approve as written or suggest changes/modification to be made.

When can I see my vehicle on live auction?

Upon completion of the approval procedures we aim to go live within 48 hours.

What is Reserve concept and how does it work on our portal?

The concept of `Reserve` is a referral to the pricing option where a seller determines a minimum amount which they are willing to sell their vehicle for. Where in the `No Reserve` there is no such limitation placed on the vehicle for the sale to occur; simply put a `Reserve` vehicle is sold if only the bid is equal or greater than the seller determined price and a `No Reserve` vehicle is sold to the highest bidder.

Do we disclose the `Reserve` price to bidders?

When a `Reserve` option is chosen by the seller, we do not disclose the price to any potential bidder under any circumstances.

Can a reserve price be changed?

It certainly can be changed but only in the downward direction, meaning that you may only lower your reserve price once the auction starts.

The reserve price is not met. So, what is next?

In such a case, we will be working towards striking a deal between you and the highest bidder for the following 24 hours. If this ends in striking the deal, we will then share the contact details to establish direct communication in between for finalizing the procedures.

Can I sell my vehicle even if I am not in the UAE?

We are delighted to accept vehicles from Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia.

How long does an auction last?

Car Bidders Club auctions last for seven (7) days and premium auctions last for fourteen (14) days. We always start on a weekday and end accordingly once the clock runs out.

What if I decide to make changes on the listing and auction already began?

Once our listings go live the editing option is no longer applicable. You may certainly reach out to us to make additions to existing details of the vehicle which we will consider whether if we can accommodate or not. The commenting field is always a very valuable tool to announce additional information.

What if I want to withdraw my vehicle from auctioning?

This option is not available on our platform. If you still decide to proceed with withdrawing the vehicle then you will be charged 5% fee (Refer to Terms and Conditions) that would have been paid by the potential buyer. The fee will be calculated either based on the latest reserve price which you have agreed or in case of `No Reserve` status was assigned, a minimum charge of AED 2,000 including VAT.

How can a winning bidder get in touch with seller to make the payment?

When an auction ends and there is a winning bidder, for finalizing the deal we do put the seller and buyer to be in direct communication so both parties can take it onwards from that moment.

Buyer question

How can I become a member for bidding?

We welcome you to register by entering your information on this . Once you complete filling out the information, we will be sending you a verification email to the provided `Email ID`. Once you verify your email address by clicking on the link received on the email, you will then become a member of our portal. Kindly do not forget to check your `Spam` or `Junk` mailboxes as sometimes such mails land there. A valid credit card is required to become a bidder.

Now that I am a member, how can I bid?

Once the registration is completed and you are a verified bidder, it is as easy as clicking on `Place Bid` button of any vehicle that has sparked your interest.

What is the process of bidding?

The amount which you can bid has to be higher than the previously posted amount. Once you submit your bid, your amount automatically becomes the highest thus you become the highest bidder. We will then automatically place a hold on your credit card for the 5% of the bid amount until the auction ends unless you renew your bid or someone else outbids; which then the fee will be updated to your newest bid amount.


Bid Increments for Car Bidders Club Auctions

The initial bid on each auctioned vehicle is starting from AED 100. Once the first bid is placed/submitted, the increments need to follow the below chart:

  • The increment should be minimum of AED 100 and above for your bid to be reflected on the lot
Can an inspection be performed on a vehicle in person during the auction?

You certainly have the right to request for this and we believe where feasible performing this action would be recommended. You can reach out to the seller via ‘Contact the Seller’ link that is located at the auction description. Please do not forget that both parties shall not engage in any action or transaction that should exclude Car Bidders Club from the deal.

What fees are charged for the buyers?

The buyers are charged a 5% premium on the total winning bid amount on Cars & Bidders Club. The minimum fee for our portal is AED 2,000 and a maximum of AED 20,000 (capped at).

How do I send a private message to the seller?

We have availed `Contact the Seller` link which you can find on auctions description page. When you contact the seller via this option, such messages will not appear on comments.

How can I find out if the auctioned vehicle is a `Reserve` or `No Reserve`?

Unless you see an indication of `No Reserve` for the vehicle, all auction listings will be based on `Reserve` format.

The reserve price for the vehicle is not met, so what now?

In such a case, we will be working towards striking a deal between you and the seller for the following 24 hours. If this ends in striking the deal, we will then share the contact details to establish direct communication in between for finalizing the procedures. If this does not work, upon agreement from the seller the vehicle than can be moved to `Seal the Deal` for 30 days for another chance.

What if I want to cancel my bid after submitting?

Any bid that has been submitted on our portal cannot be withdrawn. We therefore strongly advice exercising caution before placing the bid.

What do you do to avoid `Sniping`?

We will be extending the auction clock by `2 Minutes` for every new bid at the final moment of the auction. We will wait the full `2 Minutes` to end before the auction is officially finished.

I won the bid, how do I complete the transaction?

Congratulations! Now that you are the winning bidder, we will be providing both you and the seller with each other`s contact details so both parties can proceed finalizing the deal.